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The Innocent archetype symbolizes purity, optimism, and a belief in the inherent goodness of life. View the world with a childlike wonder and embrace the beauty of simplicity; Radiate positivity and encourage others to find joy in life's little pleasures; Value honesty, sincerity, and a sense of belonging.

❤️ Core desire:

  • Experience happiness, simplicity, optimism, safety

🖼️ Style:

  • Fresh, Wholesome

🌸 The most common flowers used for Innocent:

  • Peonies, lavender, chrysanthemums, asters, amaranth, irises, freesias, begonias, narcissi
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The Caregiver archetype embodies compassion, nurturing, and a genuine desire to help others. Find fulfillment in selflessly supporting and caring for those in need; Create a sense of safety and security in their presence; Radiate empathy and foster a sense of community and well-being.

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The Everyman archetype represents relatability, down-to-earth values, and empathy. Connect deeply with others by understanding their experiences and struggles; Cherish simplicity and find beauty in everyday moments; Radiate warmth and foster a sense of belonging in any setting.

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