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Create bouquet AI alchemy in 6 steps

With a seamless blend of AI technology and our expert team of floral specialists, we deliver stunning arrangements that ignite joy and enrich your relationships.

How it works

Archetype inspired bouquet

We have created a 6 questions test based on archetypes. We’ll transform your answers into a captivating mood board, filled with vibrant colours, delightful images, and stylish flair. Armed with this enchanting mood board, our talented florists will create a bouquet that’s as extraordinary as you are.

Describe perfect bouquet recipient

We're on a quest to gather the most intriguing insights that will shape the masterpiece bouquet. It’s easy and fun 🤗🌸

Get the moodboard

Mood board transforms your thoughts, preferences, and emotions into a captivating symphony of colors, shapes, and forms. It's like a secret blueprint, guiding our talented florists to create a bouquet that will leave you spellbound.

Size made simple

Tailor your bouquet size effortlessly. Choose your perfect size:




Make an order

Repeat the process share the emotions with loved ones 🤗

Voices of our customers


May, 5


Never thought I'd be this excited about flowers! Panksy's unique approach to crafting bouquets is a game-changer. The bouquet I received felt personalized, as if every petal was chosen with me in mind. It's more than just flowers, it's an experience.


Juny, 20


I've always struggled to find the perfect bouquet, but Panksy changed that. Their AI-guided selection felt like it read my mind! The bouquet I received was fresh, vibrant, and perfectly captured my sentiments. Can't recommend them enough!


March, 20


I recently discovered Panksy and was blown away by their service. The bouquet I received was a masterpiece, echoing the beauty of a Banksy painting. It's clear that Panksy is passionate about delivering emotions, not just flowers.


Juny, 28


Panksy's bouquets are a class apart. I ordered one for my mother's birthday, and she was spellbound. The attention to detail, the blend of flowers, and the overall presentation were impeccable. It's evident that there's a touch of art in every arrangement.

Other service we offer

Panksy bouquet creator

You select the style, and our Florists create a unique bouquet following your choice. We don’t make 'copies' of bouquets from a catalogue.


Exquisite simplicity, captured in a single stunning bouquet.

Panksy styles

Select the style, and we create a unique bouquet